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LLC Itsuki Mission

“To make Japan’s traditional culture into a global culture that everyone can enjoy”.




Japan’s traditional culture is an important key to world happiness.

Today, many people around the world are willing to learn about the respect, harmony and Zen philosophy which is at the heart of our culture.


However, due to the lack of sufficient language and communication skills, false information and misunderstandings can be seen in various places.


This global society, now connected through the Internet and tourism, is in the phase to correctly share this culture with the world.


Through the experiences we offer, we aim to convey and share the true nature of our culture with the world.




The members of LLC ITSUKI are skilled in three fields.


“Japanese traditional culture” 

Every member is undergoing training in their own professions.



Speaking multiple languages is only the beginning.

In order to explain the true nature of Japanese culture, and to provide the best service, the members are constantly brushing up their language skills.



Respecting and caring others, is the essence of Japanese culture.

The members’ every action, is based on this philosophy.


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