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”Japanese Music Show” exclusive player
-Taisuke Motonaga-

Longing for a singing tone, he started playing shakuhachi and koto at the Ritsumeikan University Japanese Music Club in 2007.

He learned from Takahashi Mihashi, and started professional activities in June 2019,
under the belief of “If you play with the correct grammar, tradition will be at the forefront”.

With the repertoire of more than 300 songs, he offers the best music for each space and time.
He has participated in Japanese cultural events held in countries such as Russia / St. Petersburg, Switzerland / Geneva.

In addition to performing traditional songs and collaborating with western musical instruments,
he is also involved in producing collaborations with other Japanese cultures such as Zen, Geido, Japanese dance, and dyeing.

He will continue to play these instruments to achieve his dream to “Make Japanese culture a world culture that everyone can enjoy”.


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