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Dyeing Artist “Mari Nerome” / ITSUKI Gallery

At our “ITSUKI Gallery, we are honored to have Ms. Mari Nerome’s artwork.

Ms. Mari Nerome is very beautiful and calm,
but from the work, you can feel the passion hidden behind her gentleness.

◯What is “鞠’s collection”?
“”The Accessory that blooms in your heart”
A brand that handles authentic Handmade hair ornaments.
Expresses the artist’s unique view of the world and spreads colorful colors.
Using traditional Japanese craft techniques, The hair ornaments carefully made by craftsmen from each of the petals are very attractive and soothe the mind of the viewer.
Her store opening has been attracting attention every year since 2017 at the Japanese Culture Festival in Moscow.“

◯Who is Ms. Mari Nerome?
“Artist & Designer of Mari’s Collection. She leaned Okinawan traditional dyeing techniques at Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts. After graduation, she has worked as a dyeing artist. She makes all products of our shop by her self.”

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